Beyond Right and Left

Do Right and Left still mean anything in politics? Are environmental issues always 'left wing'? Is it only 'right wing' to worry about the family? In fact these traditional connections have broken down, but what is taking their place?

What Others Think

 "... David McKnight has managed to write something that is at once original, courageous, realistic and fresh."
-- Robert Manne, Professor of Politics, La Trobe University, author of Left Right Left

"Subtle, incisive, courageous; bound to be a watershed in Australian progressive politics."
-- Clive Hamilton, Executive Director, The Australia Institute, author of Growth Fetish

"David McKnight gives us the tools to work out where we stand - and what unites rather than divides us - as the struggle to defend our democracy begins in earnest"
-- Margo Kingston, Author of Not Happy John

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