Populism Now

What they think

‘A compelling expose of neoliberalism and its links to Trump-style populism. A timely and lively read.’
- Richard Denniss, chief economist, Australia Institute.

‘As David McKnight shows, the conditions that have given rise to malignant populism also possess great opportunity … McKnight urges that we seize this moment to foster a broad popular movement strong enough to win a just and healthy planet for all. ‘
- David Ritter, CEO, Greenpeace Australia-Pacific

‘Pauline Hanson, like Donald Trump, is channelling the anger of many working class Australians who are watching their living standards fall. But these right-wing populists are offering up false explanations and false villains. It’s time that progressives assertively presented the truth about growing inequality. David McKnight’s excellent “Populism Now!” outlines these truths in the Australian context. The reason that jobs have been casualised, services privatised, and incomes grown more unequal is the hold of neoliberalism over society and politics. Those who are to blame are corporate elites and the 1% who have too much power and influence over our democracy.’
- Sally McManus, secretary ACTU.